Varsity(Guangzhou) Sport Co.,Ltd.

No.1 Qingyi Street, ,4th Floor of New Town International Building A Tianhe District, Zhujiang New Town

Guangzhou 510627


Tel: +86-20-3703-1336

Wechat: varsitychina


Drive Directions: The southeast corner of the Pearl River Park, Xinchen International Building, 4th Floor, Building A
Subway: Tancun subway Line 5 Exit D and 3 minutes walk west, over the Machang Pedestrian tunnel that is up.
Bus: Machang Road - the bus station -------- 138,407,901A
Huacheng Road East - the bus station -------- 40,407,545,777,886,886A, 901A

Please PRINT CLEARLY and fill out ALL information that applies:
Athletes Name运动员姓名:★ Today's Date签到日期:
GYM 场馆 (Tianhe Guangzhou广州天河,Huadu Guangzhou广州花都)
Home Phone家庭电话: Street Address地址:
City市: Province省: Postal Code邮编号码:
Student Cell Phone Number运动员手机: 学校:
Grade年级: Male男 Female女
Mothers Full Name母亲全名:
Relationship if other than Mother关系(如非母亲)
Address (if different than above)地址(如与上述地址有异):
Home Phone家庭电话: Cell Phone手机:
Fathers Full Name父亲全名:
Relationship if other than Father关系(如非父亲)
Address (if different than above) 地址(如与上述地址有异):
Home Phone家庭电话: Cell Phone手机:
Emergency Contact紧急联络人: Name姓名 Number电话
Students Medications运动员药史:
Hospital Preference首选医院:
Primary Doctor主诊医生
Health Insurance Company医药保险公司: Policy #保险单号码
For gym insurance purposes Varsity will need either your athletes Passport number (Expats) or your athletes ID card number作为场馆保险用途华思提需要您提供运动员的护照号码(外国人)或身份证号码
号码 #

Authorization and Release免责授权书
        I authorize Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD and its representatives to consent to medical treatment for my child when I cannot be reached to so consent. I also give Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD and representatives consent to administer the necessary emergency care to my child to stabilize and/or improve the current injury or condition that my child may have sustained during activities related to Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD, instruction, practices, or performances. No prior determination of life threatening emergency or danger of serious permanent injury resulting from treatment need be made under this authorization. Exceptions to this authorization are as follows:  I am fully aware that any activity involving motion, height, or athletic activities creates the possibility of serious injury, and I further agree to hold Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD and its staff, officers, or representatives harmless for any injury or resulting expense(s). I release and discharge all rights and claims of Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD strive to provide a maximum in safety procedures and guidelines, and cannot assume responsibility for any accidents, injury, or illness that may occur. I authorize Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD to use photographs, video, and/or other likenesses of my child for use in its promotional materials or sales and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto. I have read, understand, and agree to Varsity (Guangzhou) Sports Co., LTD policies. (Copies are generally available at the front desk.)
General Gym Policies一般场地政策

  1. All athletes must have a signed authorization and release form on file or online before they may participate in any activity at VCA. 全部运动员参与任何在华思提啦啦队运动中心的活动之前,已经在纸质文件或网上形式的免责授权书签名。
  2. No family or athlete will be allowed to participate with an outstanding balance on their account.任何有未清余额的家庭或运动员都不被允许参与课程。 
  3. All family accounts must remain up-to-date with all current emails, addresses, and a phone numbers. 所有家庭账户需保持更新电邮、地址和电话号码。
  4. Varsity will send out statements via email. 华思提会通过电邮发出结算单。
  5. Members will be responsible for all collection fees, attorney fees, and court cost. 会员将负责所有手续费、律师费和诉讼费。


Gym Rules场地规则

  1. Only athletes with a completely filled out and signed authorization and release form attending a Varsity class are allowed to be on the equipment or gym floor. 只有持有已签名免责授权书出席华思提课程的运动员允许使用器材和场地。
  2. Please do not enter the gym before being called by your coach. 在你的教练点到你的名字前,请不要进入场地。
  3. Athletes who arrive early for classes are not to use the trampolines, tumble tracks, or floor areas without a coach's supervision and permission. 早到的运动员在没有教练监视和批准的情况下,不被允许使用蹦床、单跳板或场地。
  4. Siblings must be supervised by adults and kept out of the gym area-- this includes the preschool area! 家长需监视其他兄弟姐妹和确保他们不在场地内-包括幼儿区域!
  5. Appropriate work-out clothing must be worn at all times. 需时刻穿上适当的运动服装。
  6. Appropriate clean shoes are required (please read the Varsity shoe policy). NO STREET SHOES allowed. Varsity cheer and cheer dance shoes are highly suggested.需穿上适当干净的鞋子(请参阅华思提鞋子政策)。请勿穿街鞋/休闲鞋。建议穿上华思提啦啦队运动鞋和啦啦队舞蹈鞋。 
  7. No gum, food, or drink on the gym floor. 请勿携带口香糖、食物或饮料到场地。
  8. No jewelry of any kind. 请勿佩戴任何首饰。
  9. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail at all times unless instructed by coach.头发必需时刻扎成马尾,除了教练另外指示。
  10. Positive attitude and language required at all times in the gym. 场地内需时刻保持积极的态度和文明的语言。
  11. Follow staff directions at all times. 时刻遵照工作人员的指示。 
  12. No running in the hallways.请勿在走廊上奔跑。
  13. Please no standing in front of doors or loitering in hallways.请勿站在场地门前或在走廊徘徊。
  14. One person on the trampoline at a time.同时只能一人使用蹦床。
  15. Please no climbing or jumping on the furniture in the parent area.请勿在家长休闲区的家具上攀爬或蹦跳。
  16. The coffee machine is for parents only.咖啡机只供家长使用。
  17. Please do not enter the office areas uninvited.未获批准,请勿进入办公区。
  18. Please refrain from standing or sitting behind the front desk area.请避免在前台区站立或坐下。
  19. Please refrain from touching or moving non merchandise items in the display area.请避免在展示区粗碰或移动非卖商品。
  20. Changing rooms and the bathroom are the appropriate areas to change clothes.请在更衣室和厕所更衣。
  21. Please put bags, shoes, and personal belongs in the appropriate place.请把手提包、鞋子和个人贵重物品放在适当的地方。


I have read and understand these policies and gym rules and agree to follow them and help my athlete follow them. 本人已阅读和清楚以上的政策和场地规则,并同意遵守和帮助本人的运动员遵守规则。


Parent/Guardian Signature家长/监护人签名:★Date日期:

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