Schedule Overview






12 week session classes

Cheer Classes

Beginning Cheer Youth

Beginning Cheer Jr.& Sr.


Stunt Classes

School Stunt Group 


Tumbling Classes

Beginning Tumbling

Boys Beginning Tumbling

Intermediate Tumbling

Senior Intermediate Tumbling

Advanced Tumbling

Elite & Premier Tumbling




These classes will award certificates at the end of the session.

Classes will track tumbling skills and your athlete’s progress will be recorded and posted on the wall.

All athletes in these classes will have the opportunity to perform at the end of the session at the Varsity showcase.

All athletes that follow the policies will have the opportunity to attend the two scheduled make-up classes.

The classes in the tumbling program are designed to build a well-rounded tumbler, teaching all aspects of tumbling from the beginning of their tumbling career up to the highest levels of tumbling.

Beginning cheer class is a great place to start your cheerleading career as it encompasses all that cheerleading has to offer.

School Partner Stunt will be for athletes from the same school who are interested in competing, and showing their new skills during school events.


4 week session classes

Cheer Jumps

Top Girl Class

Motion, Strength, and Flexibility

Coed Partner Stunt

Partner 4 Stunt

All Skills Tumbling

Back Handsprings (start to end) Tumbling  Series

Trampoline Skills

Mini Jazz Tech

Mini Hip Hop Tech

Mini Freestyle Pom Tech

Junior Jazz Tech

Junior Hip Hop Tech

Junior Freestyle Pom Tech

Senior Jazz Tech

Senior Hip Hop Tech

Hip Hop Floor Work

Leaps and Jumps

Turn Progressions

Flexibility, Extensions, and Kicks




Technique, Skill, and Series classes are designed to complement and assist in achieving your goals for team practice, as well as assist in achieving skills in conjunction with the tumbling program.

Technique, Skill, and Series classes’ curriculum is created to help your athlete focus on specific skills to ensure their improvement in team practice and performance.

These classes are not certificate courses and are meant to perfect existing skills or learn new ones.

These classes can also be used for new customers that would like the opportunity to try multiple styles and aspects or components of cheerleading with low commitment.


Rec. Teams

 Recreational Jazz Team

Recreational Hip Hop Team

Recreational Freestyle Pom Team

Recreational Mini Cheer Dance Team

Recreational Mini Cheer Team

Recreational Cheer Team


Rec. Comp. Prep Teams

Rec. Comp. Prep Jr/Sr Cheer Team (Tigers) 

  Rec. Comp. Prep Juniors Cheer Dance Team (Elephants)

Rec. Comp. Prep Mini's Cheer Dance Team (Baboons)

Rec. Comp. Prep Senior Cheer Dance Team (Leopards)

Rec. Comp. Prep Senior Hip Hop Cheer Dance Team (Pythons)




Team Atmosphere

The opportunity to learn life skills through a team sport.

Development of confidence and courage.

Mentally and physically challenging in a safe and encouraging environment.

Learning the core components of one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

Our Rec. Teams are designed to introduce athletes to performance based cheerleading.

Athletes will begin this process by learning the different components of a routine during practices.

Once they have confidently achieved skills in practice, they will work as a team to create a routine.

They will perform this routine for friends and family multiple times throughout the season.

Confidence, courage, and hard work in preparation are necessary in order to have great performances!

Practices will all be geared toward perfecting routines to be performed. An emphasis is placed on learning choreography, performance skills, and working as a team. Being a member of a Rec. Team requires discipline, dedication, and respect for peers.

Because the performance routines will be set in formations, athletes will learn responsibility and how to work with their teammates.

Athletes involved in the Rec. Teams are encouraged to also participate in technique classes to perfect their skills.



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