Competition Prep Teams(GuagnZhou)



Competition Prep Teams


Varsity Competition Prep Teams are a way of allowing more advanced athletes to continue to move at a quicker pace in class, and continue to improve not only their sills, but their performing abilities as well. Our Competition Prep Teams will require the athletes to be at the gym more often, perform more often, and are a stepping stone in preparing them to start competing in the near future. Our goal is for these teams to perform many times throughout the season, in order to prepare them for what it is like to be on a competition floor. There are many fantastic opportunities to compete in China, as well as globally, and we want our athletes to be able to experience this as soon as they are ready. We have our eye on competitions in Germany, Paris, and the United States, just to name a few, and it is time to get our athletes moving towards the goals of attending such an event!


All athletes who intend to participate in these new teams must attend a tryout in order to be considered. Additionally, they must attend at least on competition prep clinic in order to learn the material necessary to attend the tryout. The tryout is very important, however we also take into consideration things such as past attendance for class and performances, skills, determination and motivation, experience, and potential when we chose the athletes to be on each team. 

 Tuition will not be pro-rated for absences.