Cheer Jumps – This class focuses on how to get better jumps. Great jumps require flexibility, core and leg strength, and excellent technique. Combining stretches, drills, and repetitions, your athlete will work towards being point jumper in our cheer jumps class.


Top Girl Class – Being the top girl in stunts requires extra practice. This class will help the athlete be a better top girl by focusing on core and leg strength, flexibility and drills that focus on technique. If your athlete is a top girl and wants extra practice without the pressure of stunting, come to this class. She will notice positive results at her next practice!



Motion, Strength, & Flexibility - This class uses the cheerleading component to get in a good workout! Cheerleading motions look easy when done once, but create a sequence and add more fitness exercises, and this becomes a body strengthening workout. Come practice motion 


Tuition will not be pro-rated for absences. Make ups must be done in the same level or style of class within the athlete's age group. 2 make ups are permitted per session

Make ups must be done within the session that the athlete is currently enrollen. if absence will be known towards end of session, the class may be made up prior to the athlete is permitted to complete the makeup within the first week of the following session(this only applies to Tumbling Series). Makeups must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.