Recreational Cheer Teams(GuagnZhou)



Recreational Cheer Teams


Our cheer teams are designed to introduce children to performance cheerleading. During the session, they will begin this process by learning the different components of a routine. Those components are tumbling, stunting, jumping, dancing and of course, cheering! An emphasis is placed on learning new skills, confidence, dedication, responsibility and respect. Cheerleaders must be focused in order to successfully and safely complete their skills. Once they have confidently achieved skills in class, they will work as a team to create a routine. They will perform this routine for friends and family multiple times throughout the season. Confidence, courage and hard work in preparation are necessary in order to have great performances!


Recreational Team members must be a Lifetime Member of Varsity.


As Rec. Teams grow in size the Varsity coaching staff will split up athletes by age and skill/performance level.  This will help the athletes and coaching staff to build routines with the appropriate amount of difficulty, in a safe productive manner.


Practice will be two hours a week for Youth, Junior, and Senior, and an hour and a half for Mini’s.  Attendance is extremely important for the growth and benefit of all team members.  Extra practices will be scheduled prior to team performances.  There will be no make-up classes for the team program.  Team members will wear a practice uniform to promote unity and to reinforce the importance that the team must work together to accomplish their goals.