Tumbling Series(Huadu)




Tumbling Trio - This class is designed for athletes to master to the three most common foundational elements of tumbling – the handstand, cartwheel, and roundoff.  Mastering these elements will allow for the athlete to progress more quickly and steadily through more difficult skills as they are in the majority of tumbling skills in one form or another. 


Back Handsprings Series - This class is for anyone working on back handsprings. From the very beginning through series standing and running back handsprings, this class will train the athlete on the strength, power, body position, and technique of the back handspring.. 


Tucks Tumbling Series - This class is for athletes that have been working back handsprings. It is the next skill progression – they will focus on speed, power, tuck technique, body/air awareness. These standing and running tuck building blocks will build confidence in the athlete to work towards mastering their tucks.


 Tuition will not be pro-rated for absences. Make ups must be done in the same level or style of class within the athlete's age group. 2 make ups are permitted per session(month for Tumbling Series and 12 weeks for Rec.Tumbling).

Make ups must be done within the session that the athlete is currently enrollen. if absence will be known towards end of session, the class may be made up prior to the athlete is permitted to complete the makeup within the first week of the following session(this only applies to Tumbling Series). Makeups must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.