Stunt Program



Co-ed Partner Stunt - Co-Ed stunting is one male and one female performing stunts together. This class is for athletes ages 7 years and older and is designed to introduce the technique and focus required to stunt as partners. Technique, focus, and trust are achieved through this class and will advance athletes to the next level.


Partner 4 Stunt - Grab 4 friends, and come learn to stunt! Our instructors ensure the athletes understand that safety is our priority, and learning from the beginning is the best way to stay safe. This class is designed to teach introductory skills as well as to practice more advanced skills. Athletes must show that they are physically and mentally capable through strength, flexibility, dexterity and focus to advance to the higher levels of this class. We will enforce our general rule of perfection before progression, however, if athletes in this class are ready to move on, the instructor will move at the group’s pace. A wide range of skills can and will be offered in this class if warranted.