We Are Growing Athletes and New Skills!

 We Are Growing Athletes and New Skills!

During the month of April, Varsity is celebrating our athletes’ accomplishments.  We asked our athletes to write a skill that they have spent time on and worked hard to achieve on a flower so we can hang it up for all to see. 


Though we are extremely proud of all the physical skills and accomplishments our students are achieving, the most important growth we see in them is their mindset and determination. 


Creating an athlete is far more difficult to achieve than any physical skill.  This particular mindset is what will assist them in not only becoming the best Cheerleader or Dancer they can be, but also teach them how to continually push themselves in their future careers and endeavors.


Be sure to stop by and read our April spring flowers to see what our athletes have been working on!


The authorsTami


Tami Whatcott is originally from Utah, but is currently based out of Chicago. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a BFA in Modern Dance and a BS in Dance Education. Tami has been an instructor for Universal Dance Association for the past 9 years. She has had the opportunity to travel not only across America, but internationally as well working in countries such as Spain, England, China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Slovenia, Austria and Mexico to teach, perform, choreograph and judge in many genres from high school to college levels.She has been a member of Synergy Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Ensemble, UVU Ballroom Tour Team, Joel Hall Dancers & Center, Noumenon Dance Ensemble, and danced and coached professionally for the Utah Flash. She has been trained in ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and ballroom. Tami is excited to start her new adventure in China with VAC!